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Ing Along the way Gordon and Keats get to know each other better and take us down memory lane via lashbacks of their lives with a living and breathing ShellyI wanted to love this one I really did I think the premise of the novel is brilliant but I ound the characters seriously lacking I couldn t relate to or sympathize with them Even Keats who I should have The Ramayana felt sorryor didn t leave an impression Gordon is horribly selfish and self centered Shelly s obsession with the narcissistic Gordon was pathetic Keats was just there and didn t appear to serve a purpose beyond that of narrator The plot moved slower than I would have liked and honestly I spent most of this book in a state of depression Avoid this one if you re looking Fuego y Sangre for happy because this is a dark and deep read I do appreciate the idea behind the novel but unfortunately it didn t win me over History buffs and poetryans might enjoy this one than I did I encourage you to read the author s notes at the end of the novel before reading They are very informative if you aren t Pursuit (Star Wars: Boba Fett, familiar with the background of these poetsI also have to slap a content warning on this one It contains colorful language references to drugs sex incest and other heavy topics that some younger teens might not be readyor Cover notes The cover is absolutely stunning and the reason this book garnered my attention in the Johan et Pirlouit 05 Intgrale - Magie et exotisme first place When Iirst saw the cover Lauri Törni - Legend - Larry Thorne for So Shelly I knew I wanted to read it even without knowing anything about it Yes I m that superficial when it comes to gorgeous book covers Sue me PIt wasn t until I stumbled upon an interview with author Ty Roth on Teens Read and Write that I actually took the time to read what the novel was about and realize the connection to literary legends Percy and Mary Shelley Lord Byron and John Keats You can t deny that a book like So Shelly leaves a lasting impression but as I try to piece together why I mind myself unable to pinpoint a single answer Resisting the urge to spew metaphorical bullshit I will say that the morbid much concept of bringing historical از دیار آشتی figures into modern day contemporaryiction was not only genius but absolutely mesmerizing Like all mortals John Keats is dying and like most because he believes his time will end sooner rather than later he is desperate to leave a lasting impression So begins his retelling of tales that his The Kite friend Shelly shared with him before her own untimely death And as her life often did many of her stories revolve around her childhoodriend the unreuited love of her life George Gordon Byron Powered by humorous musings and homogeneous ties to history romanticism and death I thought the book started off much stronger than it ended While reading I The Power of Place freuently noted many uotes and passages I simply adored Though I did reach a point where I noticed my interest wavering a bit at about the middle and it never really picked back up I can t help but blame Gordon at least partlySelf conscious as he was about his clubfoot Gordon did everything possible to prove he was just was worthy as normal boys He easily excelled in anything he tried much to the dismay of hisriends and Thoughtful Interaction Design family What others struggled to master Gordon naturally shined at What Iound myself most astonished to realize was that Gordon really is the type of A course in Game Theory flawed character you can t help but initially succumb to because of his charms only toeel completely repelled by once to get to know him better Yet even when his untoward side was revealed you realize his disposition to be self centered is not malicious it is simply who he is and somehow he manages to make that uality enviable while simultaneously causing you to marvel at the pureness to his simple philosophies Shelly was a much spirited character The girl you secretly admire because she doesn t care to Topless Cellist follow social norms Marching to her own beat Shelly was an idealist a hopeless romantic and an independent thinker She impressed upon me that the world could do a lot worse than produce of her kind And because I never got the senserom her that she d want to chose death over life or any reason her end surprised and saddened me John though very intelligent didn t really inspire much thought on his character I wouldn t say he lacked motivation to do anything other than to tell another person s story but say he lacked motivation to do anything other than to tell another person s story but was the conviction needed to make him remarkable
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the Afterward Roth warns that you should not read So Shelly as a historical accurate account of the lives of the Shelleys Byron and Keats you can t help but notice the parallels and I ound it all uite enchanting Though So Shelly is marketed as a YA novel I d have to say that I d only recommend it to mature audiences because of the Tax Progressivity and Income Inequality freuent references to sexual situations and crude language So Shelly was than a haunting entrancing tale of love and loss It was a uiet yet thought provoking exploration of self a novel I will undoubtedly share with many to offer a different kind of reflection on life and livingI m really lookingorward to reading by debut author Ty Roth A Learning and Development fanfic in which Lord Byron John Keats and an amalgamation of Percy and Mary Shelley are teens with cellphones and ipods living in the Midwest At times I thought the story worked but most of the time it didn t How do you bring the second generation of Romantics to the present To Ohio In many respects Ty Roth was prettyaithful to the scandalous biographical details especially involving Byron Augusta Claire Caroline Lamb they re all there But the author couldn t get too smutty because it is supposed to be Arduino Development Cookbook for teenagers not adults Thus the book vacillated between being either an unusually debauched YA novel or a tepid version of Less Than Zero Overall So Shelly was an interesting exercise I didn teel it was bad but it was not good eithe. Ey navigate around the obstacles and resist temptations during their odyssey Keats and Gordon glue together the shattered pieces of Shelly's and their own pasts while attempting to make sense of her tragic and premature end From the Hardcover editi. .
Fully than I couldwould I had hoped even to try teaching this book in Mastering Gephi Network Visualization future courses to give my students a nifty new look into my beloved Romantics And I might still consider assigning this book to auture classroom of my students In the eventuality that I truly hate them Hopefully I ll continue to be slightly self aware than this misguided author and avoid inflicting a novel that is So Shitty on The Canadian Regime future generations just because you can knit a sweateror a chicken doesn t mean you shouldjust because you can write a YA novel about keats byron and some mash up of percy and mary shelley set in modern times doesn t mean you shouldfrom the afterword just as it would be a mistake to study shakespeare s history plays Testing Aircraft, Exploring Space for an understanding of the succession of english monarchsrom the thirteenth through much of the sixteenth century one should not read so shelly or its dogged adherence to historical accuracy like shakespeare i would never let historical acts get in the way of telling a good storyand i don t want to be the obvious asshole here and point out that you ain t shakespeare buddy because i think this was a well intentioned project the author is a professor of english lit and there were actual books consulted in the writing of this one research was done hallelujah my concern is that no one took a moment to consider who exactly the audience or a project like this would be because even though this book is called so shelly and is written by keats it is naturally all about byron byronand i don t know who sits around thinking byron now there was a life worthy of presenting to a YA audience what an inspirationthis book has a little something or every young teen incest teen pregnancy indecent exposure rape abortion drugs death skinny dipping strippers group gropes terrorist activityteacher seduction adultery pedophilia homoerotic subtext and REMit goes into way lurid detail than the typical YA Un Cadeau pour ma Femme fare even the edgier ones but it is tame compared to a lot of adultictionso who is this ordie hard ans of second generation romantic poets hmmm well as a byron girl i can tell you that while some of the little winks are greatly appreciated a lot of the time i could Shadow Bound feel the story straining to make connections to the life of byron like those button gaps on a too small sweaterthe plot seemed to be there solely to tie one reference to another to retell byron s life and accomplishments in modern timesat times the liberties were astonishing byron s most stable relationship teresa guicciolo reduced to aling with an athletics secretary caro lamb a strip club waitress turned denny s waitress who barely makes a peep much less the roars she really should have made byron s writing career reduced to some vampire novels and i still don t understand the smooshing of the shelleys into one Mapapansin Kaya? female person who is an intensely irritating character well at least he got that right hahahhaa sorry shelleyans i do not care or the male shelleyand i know next to nothing about keats except that he never ever met byron much less was pals with him keats isn t given much to do here he gets to be obsessed with mortality and his inevitably short lifespan and he has a real make the most of every passing day kind of thing that leads him to write this novel hhmph i would think that someone so obsessed about leaving a lasting mark could have done better than to write what is essentially a gossip rag about some high school cassanova Who alive can say Thou art no Poet may st not tell thy dreams Since every man whose soul is not a clodHath visions and would speak if he had lovedAnd been well nurtured in his mother tongueWhether if he had lovedAnd been well nurtured in his mother tongueWhether dream now purpos d to rehearseBe poet s or anatic s will be knownWhen this warm "Scribe My Hand Is In The Grave "my hand is in the grave i m a woman stacy how do you explain this gordon pulled his junk through his open zipper and waved it at hera near perfect imitation thatbut i m being a bitch again and i don t mean to be it s not like i haven t read a zillion bizarre interpretations of the life of byron i just genuinely do not understand the impulse that would lead someone to write this is it supposed to give an appreciation of the work of these poets to show their relevance today if so giant Life at the End of thevTunnel failure the mereact that our narrator introduces himself to the reader i m keats rhymes with sheets makes me believe this is meant to be directed towards an audience never exposed to these characters before and too young to ever have heard a smiths song this does not inspire awe it would not make me want to go out and read any actual works by these people especially shelley so annoying of a character jeez and i loved shelley when i was twelve i really got into that whole poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world businessthen i grew up a littlebut テンカウント 2 [Ten Count 2] for readers who know nothing about these people the story must be so boring without all the sly jokes and clever twistings without the gimmick i don t know what this story has left unpleasant characters who only care about themselves narrated by a guy who can t stop spouting death statistics notunthis is just creative wanking weirdly misplaced Моя семья и другие звери; Птицы, звери и родственники fanfic and that sine i am just amazed that it got to the publication stage i will keep reading these byron books even though they are so reuently underwhelming and someday i am bound To Find A Perfectly Told Thoughtful Storycome find a perfectly told thoughtful storycome my blog So Shelly revolves around the lives of three character based off long dead poetic greats Anticipating how John Keats Lord Byron and Percy Shelly might live and interact if they were teens living in modern day Shelly is dead and Keats and Gordon have swiped her ashes rom her memorial service Armed with an urn a boom box and an REM CD they set out to spread Shelly s ashes in a location she chose before her pass. Ake at Trinity Catholic High School the boys set a course or the small Lake Erie island where Shelly's body had washed ashore and to where she wished to be returned It would be one last so Shelly romantic uest At least that's what they think As th. .
It s hard to review SO SHELLY without using expletives Because it s that effing good But I m going to try Yes it s a reimagining of the lives of the major romantic poets Byron Keats and a mishmash of Shelleys Sometimes when reading it something happens and you think ooh I wonder if that s historically accurate It s The Audio Expert fascinating and the author explains the majority in an eually interesting afterword But that s not the thing about this book Don t care about the romantic poets Doesn t matter This book is beautiful It s tragic melancholy hole in your soul stuff So intensely atmospheric and the great lake hovers constantly in the background Looking to discuss setting as character Check out Lake Erie in So Shelly Love death obsession andlawed people are the order of the day wrapped up in a layered literary package It took me Dawnkeepers (The Nightkeepers, forever toinish this book because Keats dragged me along with my heels dug in all the way You see the end خدا بود و دیگر هیچ نبود from the beginning and I just didn t want to get there Want to see bookish thingsrom me Check out my YouTube Channel Stars This book is a loose retelling of three dead poets lives if they were teens in modern day society Shelly has died and her Shemonah Perakim final wish wasor Keats and Gordon to spread her ashes on a beach while playing her REM CD 101 ways to improve your life from her old boom box While travelling to the beach Keats and Gordon get to know each other and reminisce on the times spent with Shelly Iound all the characters to be lack lustre and a bit boring to me Gordon was extremely self centred and Shelly s obsession with him was a bit pathetic The book started off great and I thought I was really going to enjoy it Unfortunately no real plot developed and what did come of the story was very slow I honestly went into this anticipating to either 1 hate it 2 enjoy it Torakoita ja panssarivaunuja for the schlocky high school AU cheese its premise is and while it is as schlocky and trashy as anyone can anticipate out of a privileged high school YA novel what makes So Shelly incredible as a book is its self awareness and its criticisms of the genre it models and of the persons it has appropriated toit its respective roles Ty Roth clearly knows his Romantics beyond the superficial read throughs of their works and the wikipedia blurbs of their biographies There s some deep probing considerations a lot of what ifs and a lot of bold conjectures about the Romantics and their environment I could see my own academic theories in practice masuerading as plot Fenton Glass Compendium fodderor a Francesca Lia Block esue narrative climax Super intense super invigorating I m wholly impressedAs Inside the U D A for the reviewers actively complaining about how Roth has supposedly defaced the names of poets and authors literally infamousor A Medieval Christmas fucking the system and defying the norm while wrestling with the conflicts and comforts of their privileged stations well I m pretty sure that actually states it Asor the reviewers actively complaining about the explicit content and how they wouldn t recommend this book to teens the lack of aith they have in YOUNG READERS IS COMPLETELY DISTURBING AND THE INSULT TO readers is completely disturbing and the insult to intelligence and their ability to recognize how the characters suffer because of their lifestyles is even atrocious You know I m not sure what scares me most that this novel is a spot on representation of teenagers today or that it might actually influence them In what can only be called an insult to young adults the world over Mr Roth delivers a literary travesty In act the author manages in one سایه لای پوست fell swoop to disgrace the names of three beloved poets murder anyall depth and seriousness to issuesacing teens today and create a cast of characters that are so vapid annoying unrealistic and utterly repugnant they made me appreciate the Twilight series And that The Nonprofits Guide to Human Resources friends is only the beginning The dialog appears to be taken almost wordor word Territory from episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 and Dawson s Creek and before you ask no it s not an homage The plot what little that exist started as a good idea but completely derailed into a shallow reconstruction of historyor an under appreciated school outcast The writing while skilled and at times beautiful in construction is completely devoid of eeling and movement It s as if the writer is relaying a story that has been told so many times even he s bored with
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Finally in you can only laugh at Kaplan Medical USMLE Examination Flashcards forear of crying Mr Roth s sloppy mistreatment of 80 s pop culture references is an egregious example of why this trend needs to end My Cover Thoughts When this book arrived in the mail I was intrigued because it shows a girl in a long white dress walking off a boat dock The dock is rickety and looks like it is about to The Crooked Maid fall apart and the girl is going toall through it The girl looks like she is walking Many times I ve been told I should write a book I assume that the people who suggest this are thinking much along these lines She teaches English so must know something about books She knows a lot about a handful of authors She loves literature and has an understanding of its mechanics She manages to write pretty decent academic prose Yet I ve always suspected these simple Consumer Behavior factors wouldn t be uite enough to write a really good novel And if I ever need to offer proof as to why my literary endeavors could very well suck I m going to suggest that those people try reading So ShellyBecause basically Iear that if I decided to write a book it would come out sounding a lot like this one I d be super tempted to take some authors I loved bastardize the truly amazing events of their lives by offering them moronic contemporary euivalencies and then present the whole mess in stilted prose suited to the most basic college Irretrievably Broken freshman argumentative English essay I had high hopesor this book Hopes that the writer would tackle these problems of authorship skill. Until now high school junior John Keats has only tiptoed near the edges of the vortex that is schoolmate and literary prodigy Gordon Byron That is until their mutual Black Ice friend Shelly drowns in a sailing accidentAfter stealing Shelly's ashesrom her

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