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I ll be recommending it to other I know who had difficult Births Amazing Was amazing Was your or recovery less than this bookMoms and partners with any less than perfect situations getting pregnant delivering or recovering from birth including child loss will benefit from reading this book Make the time read it while pumping Validate your xperience and learn The Family Plan exercises to helpxplore and resolve your individual childbirth related issues. With mothers through workshops and counseling to address resolving unexpected birth outcomes Heal Your Birth Story offers new understanding to the impact of birth on mothers and their partners Journaling xercises are offered to lead the reader through multiple layers of understanding and healin. I think this book would be very helpful for anyone who believes they have xperienced a birth trauma it is also written with helpful info for partners which I love I m so glad this book xists Birth trauma is a real thing I love I m so glad this book xists Birth trauma is a real thing there isn t a lot written about it and it s a subject that many people aren t aware of I got A Lot Out Of This lot out of this both as a birth trauma survivor as well as a doula I liked that Celebrity Bachelor each chapter had practical suggestions at then. Psychologist and birth trauma For Better and Worse expert Maureen Campion shares her lessons for releasing the unexpected wounds that come from having a rough birthxperience Birth can be beautiful and spiritual and joyous but there are also terrifying motionally raw painful moments that can be difficult to move pa.

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D to guide women and their partners through processing through their personal traumaI will say that since this book was I think self published there were some misspellings and grammar issues in a few places plus some spots that just could have used diting Ie I in a few places plus some spots that just could have used Rescuing the Texans Heart editing Ie I not have chosen tond the section of birth stories with a horrendous birth story that had no sense of closure or healing just raw trauma but overall it was a great read and super helpful. St This book offers you a chance to Wrangled (Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co., experience the healing power of working through your birth story while learning about trauma and developing coping skills for all those complicated feelings Maureen Campion shares her personalxperience with birth trauma and the work she has been doing working. ,
Heal Your Birth Story

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