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Rst it was like Reliving The 80s Which the 80s which unpleasant Later it became like reliving the G W Bush years which was than unpleasant But the writing was good and the thought mostly clearI appreciated his observations on the unrepresentativeness of our voting system and his hope that a proportional system night improve things The Senate is of course unrepresentative by design and hard to fix and the Electoral course unrepresentative by design and hard to fix and the Electoral is ridiculous I m not sure what it might take to begin to change ither of those things When my dad bought a subscription for The New Republic in the 1980s 90s it was columnists like Hertzberg that made it one of my favourite magazines This is a collection of his pieces for NR and other magazines that run from the late 1970s till 2004 There are The Stall (Pony In Training excellent profiles of RFK and Jimmy Carter Hertzberg was one of his speechwriters and a perceptive history of tabloids in New York City In 651 pages notverything is going to stand out and some of the political reporting is dated but THIEME Atlas of Anatomy even within these there are insights HH is a devoted proponent of proportional representation which he details in several articles Very good I now want Hertzberg toxplain anything and verything to me. Hand A tour of the defining moments of American life from the mid ’60s to the mid ’00s Politics is at once the story of American life from LBJ to GWB and a testament to the power of the written word. ,

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This was the perfect companion during the madness of Election 2008 Hertzberg s arguments are always well reasoned pragmatic ngaging inspiring and hopeful And he s funny to boot I loved it My only problem with Hendrik is that I tend to believe Gallowglass everything he says Hertzberg is one of the most knowledgable witty andlouent political writers of today however Politics would have benefited from some curation
the book contains 
book contains xcellent writing Hertzberg s best pieces are his history of the newspaper industry and arguments for proportional representation and ven the worst pieces are minently readable however little would be lost by industry and arguments for proportional representation and ven the worst pieces are minently readable however little would be lost by its length by a a third Caveat this author certainly writes from a left leaning perspective That being said I believe THE WRITING CRISP INFORMATIVE AND NOT writing crisp informative and not of course it helps that I often agree with his perspectives This is basically a collection of his pieces from the New Yorker and other publications that deal with many of the main themes of the day over the last 40 years from Vietnam to The War on Terror Drugs Middle Class tc Its also nice because you can pick it up in various parts and not feel you are missing the flow As the New. Here at last are Hendrik Hertzberg’s most significant hilarious and devastating dispatches from the American scene he has chronicled for four decades with an uncanny blend of moral seriousness high spi. ,
Yorker s political ssayist the column Comment Hertzberg is KNOWN TO MANY AS THE MOST STYLISH LIBERAL WRITER to many as the most stylish liberal writer America and far be it from me to argue As this anthology spanning four decades shows his work is usually the most concise and well correct take on the controversies of the day be they real Watergate911 or manufactured ones flag burning Terry Schiavo His columns display an asy grace and his logic has the feel of inevitability to it though a glance at the turgid spew that passes for conventional wisdom proves that such clarity is anything but guaranteed An ssential anthology of a master of the genre Highest recommendation Richly displays a rarely seen humanity in politics Emotionally connects with the figures he writes about and gives you hope in the potential good of the system One of my favorites Political commentary written lucidly An indispensable guide to the political struggles in America of the past forty years I cannot imagine thinking about contemporary political issues without having an understanding of their antecedents and Hertzberg illuminates them Many dispatches are prescient
others aren t 
aren t that s the cost of thinking aloud Finished it a while back At fi. Rits and perfect rhetorical pitch Arranged thematically ach section contains the choicest most illuminating pieces from his body of work and begins with a new piece of writing that frames the subject at. ,
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Politics Observations and Arguments 1966 2004