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Retire the Colors is a collection of non fiction short stories by veterans of Ira and Afghanistan as well as spouses and other civilians connected to THOSE WARS IN THE STORIES THEY wars In the stories they to make sense of the war their duties and especially their life after war Among my favorites are NUMB3RS by Brooke King unner in Ira in response to a uestion by an old man How many have you killed She deftly ties the story to an animal hit on the side of the road after she is home with her children in the car You Don t Have to Go There by David P Ervin Operation Irai Freedom veteran about car bombs in Ira and trying to adjust after he returns home It is a shortened version of his excellent book Leaving the Wire An Infantryman s Ira which I book Leaving the Wire An Infantryman s Ira which I read attempting to understand the Ira war and what the young men and women went through Listening for Home by Teresa Fazio a Marine Corp officer in Ira ties songs to her time in Ira with her home life afterwardAll nineteen stories were well written and thought provoking Most involve PTSD and helped me to better understand the disorder Having never been in the armed forces it is hard for me to imagine what the soldiers o through been in the armed forces it is hard for me to imagine what the soldiers o through how they deal with the horrors of war These stories ive a ood limpse of the tough roads our veterans traverse during war and especially post war Not easy but worthwhile It s not. The impact of war and the lingering aftereffect it has on both veterans and civilians is for myriad reasons largely invisible to the public Popular media may create news cycles around horrors or stereotypes but the effort reuired to redefine and sustain “normal” lives after war stays below the surface and out of sight In Retire the Colors nineteen thought provoking stories by veterans and civilians consider the residual effects of Ira and Afghanistan A Retire the ColorsNue to bear They wrestle for understanding both within themselves and from the world around themBut these stories aren t merely tales of trauma They are also stories about finding purpose and joy in life after the military For some that comes through a natural continuation of service in the police force for others it comes the police force For others it comes the form Of Art Through Painting Or Poetry And In Some Cases art through painting or poetry And in some cases authors of these essays men and women who have served their country who have iven Up Much For The much for the things we all take for The Wolfs Healing Touch (Wolves of Stone Ridge granted use these stories to reveal their hearts to usIn his essay Something on Something That s Something like Disillusionment Matthew J Hefti a 12 year veteran writes People are dying to be known and too many die unknown That is a weighty observation on the human condition one filtered through the lens of war but universally true and apt These are not just essays about war and the soldiers who fight They are observations about life They are aift earned with blood but The Draft given to us freelyThe introduction to the book ends with a call to help these veterans carry the load of their experience We need to find better ways to help them with their transitions But barring that at the very least we need a better awareness of what these people haveiven and what they continue to ive Retire the Colors is an excellent place to start. E an appeal to readers to witness with compassion the men and women who because of war possess the strength to show us what it means to be fully human Contributors include Tahani Alsandook Joseph R Bawden Brian Castner David Chrisinger David P Ervin Teresa Fazio CH Guise Colin D Halloran Lauren Kay Halloran Matthew J Hefti Brooke King Randy Leonard Eva KL Miller Stewart Moss Caitlin Pendola Mark Solheim Richard Allen Smith Christopher Stowe and Melissa Walke. ,

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Easy to read about the affects of What Our Has Asked Of Our our society has asked our but they deserve our attention It was emotionally difficult to read but I kept turning pages and wanting Wanting to connect and understand Imagine transitioning from a life where an approaching vehicle likely holds enemy unmen to a life where that same vehicle is well simply a carOr picture yourself diffusing explosives one day and then wrestling and tickling your children anotherThese are some a carOr picture yourself diffusing explosives one day and then wrestling and tickling your children anotherThese are some the transitions that soldiers face when they leave active military service and return to civilian life In many ways the lives they have lived are a world apart As expected these transitions are not always easyRetire the Colors is a Yaratma Cesareti glimpse into the challenges faced by soldiers when it is time to come home These are the stories of veterans and in some cases civilians who work or live closely with veterans told in their own words Theenuine voices sometimes blunt sometimes stark and often profound explore not just the healing of bodies minds and souls but also the return to a world away from warIt is a return often fraught with challenges These veterans continue to battle though these conflicts aren t waged with The Astral Codex guns It is a fight for respect in the face of empty thanks It is a war for recognition of just how much has been sacrificed and the weight they conti. Acifist describes her decision to accompany her husband an Ira veteran to the shooting range A hospital worker in Mosul talks about what happens on a hunting trip back home with hisrandfather A veteran experiences the 2013 Boston marathon The wife of a combat medic considers their unusual nighttime routines A mother and former 50 cal Here There Be Witches gunner navigates truth and lies with her children These stories offer arace uncommon in war literature today They also mak. .

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